Once-In-A-Lifetime Investment Opportunity!

We’re at the Very Beginning Of

A New $12 Trillion Dollar Tech Race

Between Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, And Google

Here’s how to make an absolute fortune and where to invest when an explosive new technology powers 75 BILLION devices starting this year!

If you think you missed out on the early tech riches doled out by Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, even Facebook… You’re not going to believe the second chance you have in your hands right now!

Because at this very moment, all five of these companies are on the $12 trillion dollar race for their lives to beat their competitors to the #1 technology of the next decade.

Just like the smartphone was the innovation of the last 10 years.

Another technology—one the Washington Post calls “the mother of invention[s]”—is set to power 75 billion devices in the coming years, according to one CEO on the inside.

And I’ll show you where you should invest to potentially make the easiest quadruple of your money in your life.

If that sounds too good to be true…

I’ll prove to you today that this has already happened FOUR TIMES in the past. With the right investment beforehand, you could’ve pocketed these gains:


So, my 300% estimate is quite conservative…
After today, you might think it’s too conservative!

After all, this technology is bigger than virtual reality, the internet-of-things, marijuana, cryptocurrencies, 3D printing, autonomous driving, smartphones, and computers.

This technology is even larger than all five of these tech giants put together.

These top five companies total a market cap of over $4 trillion! However, the technology about to hit the open market has a $12 trillion dollar estimate.

Meaning it is three times their size.

So, you can only imagine the full-on sprint these companies have started against each other to become the next multi-trillion dollar company.

And in this presentation today, you’ll get to see this technology and all its capabilities.

It will no doubt be a technology you yourself will be using, your family, friends, along with billions of people around the world.

You may not even have a choice because, like I said, it will be powering over 75 billion devices. That’s an average of around 10 devices for every person on earth.

This incredible new technology has not been released yet, so Wall Street has not been able to dole out judgement yet.

That gives you a brief, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to invest before everyone else.

The opportunity will move fast, and I believe there is little time left. And if you invest today, it could land you an absolute fortune as these companies scramble to get this technology to the masses.

And it’s already started…

Apple is rumored to try and get this new technology into the hands of their rabid fanbase in 2019. Meaning, the 10% bump in their estimated $13.6 billion R&D spend from last year is quite possibly their frantic rush to be first.

Investors Business Daily reports Amazon could partner up with one of the top telecom companies in the world to catapult Bezos and his company into a multi-trillion dollar valuation. Amazon also needs this technology to realize the full potential of their Alexa personal assistants in the home.

Microsoft has already inked deals with Sprint and Intel to plug this technology into their new round of laptops in 2019. They’ll be neck-in-neck with Apple.

Google’s YouTube TV is laying the foundation to become a main player in the content streaming game. Motley Fool even says YouTube TV it’s the “future of cable TV”. Well, the explosive technology today is an absolute must for Google if they plan to battle cable, Netflix, Hulu and others. Google also needs the technology for their products like Google Home, their personal assistant competitor to Amazon.

Finally, Facebook quietly bought a start-up called Inovi that deals directly with this new technology. They’ve even built one of the first infrastructures in San Jose. Forbes believes Facebook is creating a “golden opportunity” for entrepreneurs. Even better, they filed an FCC report in August 2018 backing a company to deliver this technology from space.

The FCC has already given the green light to this technology and even lobbied for the “rapid advancement” of it.

It’s about the size of a penny. It can fit almost anywhere.

However, this tiny thing is needed to interact with this next device I’ll show you. In the next few months, you’ll begin seeing more and more of these popping up around your neighbourhood.

It looks like an ugly metal pole, and you’re right it is. But, these ugly metal poles are desperately needed.

In fact, you’re going to want one of them in your front-yard as soon as possible. They won’t look great next to your flower bed, I admit. But by the end of this short presentation you’re going to see why you’ll want one.

And that’s not even the most important thing.

Because of this small cube and this tree-like metal pole, you’ll have a unique opportunity to cash in on this $12 trillion dollar tech race before anyone else.

And you’ll be able to profit no matter which of these five companies wins.

Very few are talking about this tech race. Even more odd, the chatter is only starting to happen around this explosive technology. I’m actually confused why there isn’t more talk.

According to the World Economic Forum, this booming tech “will change the world.” It will “impact every industry – autos, healthcare, manufacturing and distribution, emergency services” and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

That’s a mighty claim to make. But, it’s not hard to believe. This technology is 100X faster than what’s on the market today.

It will connect you to your car, your house, your phone, people around you, literally everything you see outside your window could be connected.

If you think I’m talking about the internet-of-things, again… this is much, much bigger. It will be in billions more devices because IoT is only one part of the exploding, next-generation advancement right on our doorstep.

Because not only are devices connected, they are also sharing important information with each other in real-time.

Imagine taking one look at your car and knowing the precise moment it will breakdown due to faulty parts. Or, after you meet someone, you can instantly gather data around them in seconds from their Linkedin, Facebook, business pages and more.

What if you put on a bandage and knew down to the day when your wound would heal?

For driverless cars to work flawlessly without any crashes, this technology is an absolute must.

You’ll have endless information at your fingertips…

Doctors will have the ability to perform open-heart surgery from across the ocean…

Manufacturers will be able to create prototypes of new products in minutes rather than weeks or months…

Even wilder… Think about this scenario…

Before you step into a coffee shop, you’ll have data telling you: how long the line is, what drink is selling best, how fresh are their ingredients that specific day, and how warm or stale their pastries are.

This is the information junkie’s dream.

And I know that sounds like a silly example. But I use it simply in order to give you a sense of how much information you’re about to get thanks to this incredible new technology.

You’ll think of the internet today as the little brother to the technology you’ll discover in the next few minutes.

You won’t have to pull out your credit card or put in your email to see it.

All you’ll need to do is
understand what this cube is:

Because it’s the most important advancement at the heart of the tech race between Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Facebook.

But, I’m about to shock you.

You might think you should pick one of these five companies and invest. Or, advisors would tell you to even invest a bit of your account into each one of them.

Let me be blunt… That might arguably be the last thing you should do.

Instead, right now, you have a unique opportunity to profit no matter which one of these companies wins the race.

It’s an opportunity at what is quite possibly a ‘grand slam’ in profiting in this space. Because you’ll see how one action today should send your portfolio up no matter what happens in the next 24 months.

While these five tech giants are writing checks for billions in the hopes of being first…

You’ll see an incredible, little-known way to begin profiting from this technology immediately. You won’t even have to wait until the technology reaches the masses.

You can take advantage right now. And you’ll want to today. Because you want to get in before this hits the mainstream news.

You also want to claim your stake before any one of these five companies releases a product around this brand-new technology.

Once they do, the feeding frenzy on Wall Street will immediately be triggered and the lionshare of gains will no doubt dry up in a flash.

I believe with one move today you could be able to easily and safely quadruple your money in the next year or so thanks to this emerging technology.

If that seems like a stretch… And I always tell readers to be skeptical…

I will show you the cold hard mathematical facts that this will happen. In fact, my estimates could even be conservative.

Like I showed you before, when similar technologies launched, you could’ve banked:


And the opportunity to profit is 100% imperative to this new technology and this cube could lead the new technology revolution into the 2020’s.

Again, I’ve worked out the math. The math doesn’t lie. It points to a seemingly easy way to quadruple your money in the coming year. In fact, it could be a mainstay in your portfolio until 2030 at the pace this new technology will take over.

Again, you will use this technology… Your friends and family will… If you’re still working, your job will use this technology… It will be everywhere.

NBC News calls it a “revolution”

NASDAQ says the technology “will bring capabilities consumers have waited for more than a decade.”

And if this race between the billion and trillion dollar tech goliaths isn’t intriguing enough for you…

Samsung and Cisco—other competitors to the top five tech companies—have held trials to test this technology as well.

Honestly, this is a race like no other!

Making this perhaps the most financially important presentation you’ll read this year or even this decade. Because you will look back on this moment next year when you took action.

It will effect the next 10 years of your life.

That’s why it’s important to pay attention until the bottom of this page.

By the end of this short presentation, you will:

1. Know and understand the impact of this incredible new technology, plus how it will affect you and your family’s life

2. Have a unique opportunity to quadruple your money in a very short amount of time before this technology reaches the masses, plus

Discover why this
small cube will need to
be distributed billions of
times over around the globe.

It’s the event of distributing this cube worldwide billions of times that is the opportunity.

You won’t have to buy one or a warehouse full of them.

You won’t have to sell them either.

There is a much simpler way to profit, and I’ll show you how.

Before we go any deeper, it’s important I introduce myself and explain why this opportunity could be the biggest opportunity of the next decade.

Hi, my name is Kyle Dennis.

I’ve been told I have one of the most shocking and fastest rags-to-riches stories you’ll ever hear in the stock markets.

At 22, with a fresh, crisp diploma from UCLA, I took a job making around $35,000 per year in a real estate office.

In the 70’s and 80’s, this would be labeled a success. In today’s world, $35,000 is 46% less than the average American salary. Not to mention, I had $80,000 in student loan debt and lived in Los Angeles.

While sitting in at my desk, I met someone who was a professional trader. He made his own hours and was in complete control of his financial situation.

I was living hand-to-mouth at this time with barely a dent in my student loans. I decided to talk with this trader and pick his brain a little. After learning a bit from him, I started dabbling in the stock markets.

I wasn’t seeing much success at first as I didn’t know what to buy or when to sell. But, I had a passion for the markets.

My favorite thing was researching the next big plays. I actually attribute my success to my tireless research and finding where big pops were about to happen.

That’s what kept me trucking along as my first year trading was pretty pathetic. Still, I didn’t give up.

By 2014, my second year trading seriously, I had passed my salary at my job.

In my third year, I quit that job and banked $840,000 strictly from trading…

It happened so quickly, I even was awarded a Porsche 911 for how successful I was trading.

As you can imagine, my story and Porsche went viral online and I was flooded with requests on how I went from a regular guy to a millionaire in the markets.

Just for full disclosure, I’m not a genius with a high IQ, I wasn’t a top student at UCLA, and I didn’t have any rich uncle bankrolling me.

It took a lot of research and persistence to get to where I am. It’s that same research that helped me uncover the opportunity I’m showing you today.

With everyone pinging my inbox with questions, the light bulb went off and I saw an opportunity to help others as well.

I launched Biotech Breakouts and the response was crazier than I anticipated.

Everyone wanted to see my research and how I could make in a short time:

And many other trades.

Opportunities like the one I’m showing you today. A break-out technology that’s leading to an all-out tech race. One that could be worth a triple-digit profit in your account.

You’re at the very beginning of the uptrend, and that’s why this is such an exciting time to invest.

Again, it’s already happened four times before:


This is my most important research right now.

Others have already taken advantage of my research and strategies before:

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Lisa Wiebe went even further than gains “I joined [you] November 1st, and I quit my job in December. $1,645 winner on Friday…$2,677 today.”

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I could keep going…

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Lee Aucoin profited $1,546 in one day.

Rich Benner banked $5,000 on LXRX…$5,000 in GNMX…and $5,000 in TXMD.

That’s a big deal for many people.

My site Biotech Breakouts gets 5-stars with 251 reviews on TrustPilot, a verified review site.

On top of that, I’m also the best-selling author of “Middle Class Millionaire. From $80,000 in debt to $3,000,000 in profits.”

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Cohen even said the book was “A tried and true system to learn how to beat the market.”

Normally, I am a trader at heart, whether that’s day trading or swing trading.

That’s why when I approached my publisher about this presentation you’re reading—namely, a technology about to dramatically transform the next 20 years of civilization—they thought it was a bit odd coming from me.

Honestly, part of me agreed. I’m usually getting in and out of positions quickly.

However, when I uncovered this tremendous $12 trillion dollar opportunity at a technology that the five tech companies in the world are spending billions on, I had to share it today.

In fact, I sincerely believe it will be the easiest quadruple of my money in my entire career.

It all centers around this cube and its connection to thismetal pole.

About 75 BILLION devices will center around these two objects. And this technology isn’t something “nice to have”. This isn’t a new Facebook, or, some Uber or AirBnb. This is a technology that already exists in a much smaller way—100X smaller—but it’s reached its life cycle.

To help you understand what’s happening, picture this image for a moment. Perhaps you’ve even experienced this phenomenon yourself.

Imagine this road here. It’s freshly paved, you can still smell the tar drying in the sun. Well, the town was nice enough to pave this road right next to your house.

This street will now connect you to downtown and shave six minutes off your drive in.

You’re excited about this…

For the first few weeks, the road is used very little. You happily put the pedal to the floor with not another car in sight. There’s not even a cop yet to catch you.

In the next couple of months, word gets out about this new speed street you’ve found. Suddenly, you notice more cars are on it. It’s not bad news, you can still get into town and you’re still saving time.

However, a month later, you notice a huge Walmart is being built right off this street.

Next, a slew of business offices and a parking deck go up on the other side of your ‘secret’ road.

Traffic lights go up…

Before you know it, this freshly-built road is now overrun with vehicles. Backups and accidents ensue.

The mayor adds more lanes. Everything speeds up again. Then, new stores, building and homes go up… The population spikes… More cars ‘live’ around you now… Traffic ensues again, and there is no one left to build…

What I just illustrated is exactly what’s happening in the tech world right now. Actually, it’s happened four times already in the past. The market grew to a breaking point, new technology was needed, fortunes were made. Then, the cycle repeated again and again and again.

It’s why Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft are pushing all their chips into the middle. And they aren’t alone. Hundreds of other companies will need this new, explosive technology you’re about to see.

It’s 100X faster than what’s available today. And, unfortunately, what’s available today has reached the end of its rope.

The cycle is repeating again. The latest technology will take over and dominate the next decade like it did four times before.

Of course, you don’t need to fully understand it or be technological savvy in any way. All you need to do is take advantage of one opportunity I’ll reveal in a moment.

I believe it’s an absolute no-brainer.

Because, like I said, this has happened four times before in the last 30 years. Starting now, the fifth cycle begins.

The first time this technology went public, you could’ve bagged a 2,484% gain on one of the key players at the time. At the time, this technology was a “gamechanger”. But, consumers needed more.

The second time the cycle repeated with this technology, you could’ve landed as much as a 758% winner in another dominate company.

The third iteration would’ve handed you a 2,521% profit in just under 24 months. We all thought this was the pinnacle of the technology. Little did we know… Consumers wanted more.

Now, we’re living during the fourth iteration, and you could’ve gained as much as 3,307% since it launched. And the company behind that stock is still climbing.

I’ll reveal all four of these companies in a moment.

What you’ll notice is that three out of four of these opportunities delivered much higher profits than 300% as I’m predicting today. In this fourth iteration, you could’ve 34X’d your money.

I will note, these profits played out over a few years.

But, a 3,307% gain happened last time, so a 300% bump is quite conservative when you think about it.

The opportunity I’ll share today could absolutely go just as high over a few years.

Still, I’m a trader at heart.

I like to keep positions for the relatively short-term timeframes. In this case, I expect big moves in the next year or two. That’s short enough for me, especially when I believe this $12 trillion dollar tech race will quadruple my money. All I need to do is click “buy” and watch the profits roll in.

You can do the same.

But, there’s an important distinction I want you to understand about these opportunities in the past and the ones in the future.

All delivered life-changing gains. However, they weren’t the ‘hot stocks’ of the time. They were what is known as “pick and shovel” plays.

You’ve probably heard this term before. Essentially, you’re investing in a company that backs the technology but may not likely be the poster child for it.

You don’t bet on the ‘winner’ of the tech race. You don’t invest in Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, or Facebook. You invest in a company that is a necessity to the new technology no matter which company ‘wins.’

In the past 10 years:

Google delivered 454% profits
Amazon handed investors 2,340%
Microsoft produced 292%
Facebook 357%
Apple 807%

These are still great gains, and you wouldn’t be wrong to invest in them. Yet, the fourth iteration of this technology produced 3,307% in the past decade.

That’s almost better than all five combined!

Sure, you could’ve enjoyed nice gains with a volatile stock like Amazon or Google. But, take it from a career trader…nothing stings more than leaving piles of money on the table. Those stick with you more than winners.

I like to keep positions for the relatively short-term timeframes. In this case, I expect big moves in the next year or two. That’s short enough for me, especially when I believe this $12 trillion dollar tech race will quadruple my money. All I need to do is click “buy” and watch the profits roll in.

That’s why I’m presenting this opportunity to you.

You can win no matter which of these five tech giants win…

And you could make even MORE than the winner in terms of profits.

Think of it like you’re at the track. It’s the Kentucky Derby. Everyone has money on one specific horse. Everyone has dreams of the riches they’ll enjoy after their horse crosses the line first. The crowd stands at attention as the horses rip through the track… Tension builds as the mob shouts for their respective steed…

Where are you? Why aren’t you screaming at the top of your lungs with the rest of the gallery? You’re calm in your seat. Why?

Instead of investing in a horse, you invested in the track and the betting circles.


No matter which horse wins the race…

No matter which jockey holds up the trophy…

No matter what… YOU WIN. You win a cut of the profits not just during the race, but from every race after.

That’s the kind of opportunity happening right now.

A $12 trillion dollar technology that’s about to be unleashed on over 75 billion devices, according to insiders. It’s these 75 billion devices that will actually hold the money-making opportunity of this technology.

As you can probably guess, the devices I’m talking about are ones you know well—It’s your smartphone, your laptop, your tablet, your tech watch, your smart TV and everything in between.

Discover why this
small cube will need to
be distributed billions of
times over around the globe.

That’s right… I said required. If you don’t have this cube, your device will not work with the new technology. Without it, you won’t be able to interact with these metal pole-things I showed you before.

Remember I said you’ll probably want one of these in your frontyard ASAP.

I know they’re a bit ugly. But, when you hear about the technology arriving as soon as next year from companies like Apple in their newest smartphone and Microsoft in their Surface laptops, you’ll understand why.

You’ll be able to attend concerts thousands of miles away. Step into a cooking class that’s going on in Paris and actually participate and bake. Answers to your questions will appear right after you think about it. You won’t have to type it into Google.

This all might sound like a fairy tale.

Yet, that’s what will happen with this new technology.

It’s why the Washington Post called it “the mother of invention[s]” and the World Economic Forum said it will “change the world.”

This cube is required for the new technology I’m about to show you. And it could pay you fortunes.

Because we are on the ground floor of 5G technology.
5G is the game changer for the next decade. Millionaires will be minted.

You’ll see it happening with your own devices.

If you look at your phone right now, it probably says “4G” in the top corner… Maybe even 3G if you have an older device.

Many get confused thinking the “G” stands for “gigabyte”. It’s actually “5th generation”. Time flies because we actually haven’t had an update since 4G was launched around 2009.

That’s a decade ago we’ve been on this same technological road. To give you an idea, 3G was first introduced around 1998. That’s about 11 years between the two. 1G and 2G were almost 10-20 years before that. Meaning, just about every 10-12 years, we get a new “generation” that completely transforms how we interact with each other, the world, and how we gather information.

Let’s take a brief walk through history.

1G was the dawn of communications. With 1G, you could use a phone and radio signals to talk to just about anyone in the world. The technology, by today’s standards, is clunky and bulky. Back then, it was life-changing.

Remember those massive mobiles you’d see people carry around? Normally, the mobile was reserved for the wealthy as it was expensive to have.

If you had invested in Motorola, one of the first makers of a complete mobile phone, you could’ve enjoyed a profit as high as 2,484%.

That tech first went public around 1979.

12 years later, 2G launched. This technology allowed you to send written messages to each other. Yes, text messages first began in 1991, although they didn’t pick up steam until many years later.

Nokia had one of the most popular phones of all time with the first flip phone. Remember that fad? You probably do as those as they stayed in style for over a decade.

Investing in Nokia at the dawn of 2G would’ve landed you a tidy 758% profit.

So, we’ve gotten to talk on the phone, now text.

Already, that’s massive steps taken since the phone was first patented in 1876 by Alexander Graham Bell. There’s no doubt he had zero clue of where phones would go in the next 200 years.

That’s when 3G first entered the market in 1998, although it didn’t gain traction until the 2000’s.

Suddenly, you could browse the internet from anywhere there was a signal. The pages loaded fairly slow, but at least you could shoot emails and get the headlines.

At this point, phones started getting more complex. After all, connecting to the internet required more chips and coding than simple phone calls.

That’s when companies like Qualcomm started gaining their footing. An investment in 1998 in Qualcomm would’ve been life-changing, in just 24 months, you could’ve banked as much as 2,521%.

That stock is still trading high and moving as they remain a competitor in the chip space. Although, they’ve lost a bit of ground thanks to the company that became known for their 4G capabilities.

4G first launched around 2009 although it took a few years before it was in most new devices.

Nvidia became a leading chip provider for many phones, including Apple. An investment in 2009 in Nvidia would’ve paid off in spades. Their stock has launched 3,307% since then.

Here’s the problem and why 5G technology is not just inevitable… It’s happening right now.

For years, 4G has enjoyed a smooth ride as we could download videos while waiting in line at the grocery store. 20 years ago, that was a pipe dream. However, remember the freshly paved road I mentioned? Remember it started off smooth and quick as few drivers inhabited the streets?

As simple as it sounds, 4G networks work very similar. As more people get on the network, the network begins clogging up… like 5pm rush-hour on the highway.
CNBC calls 4G a “digital traffic jam”.

And that’s because the data demand is hitting new record highs every year.

In the last eight years alone, it’s grown around 1,400%!

In the next few years, over 50 TRILLION gigabytes of data is expected to be consumed.

It’s not hard to see why.

Watching one hour of Netflix takes up 1GB. Up to 72% of data consumption in the next few years will be from video alone.

Streaming music on Spotify consumes 115MB per hour. Streaming audio is expected to grow 45% between 2015 and 2020. Raymond James says Spotify subscribers alone will double by 2020.

On top of video and audio—one hour of Instagram browsing hogs up to 100MB per hour…

With this happening with tens of millions of people every hour in the world, you can see why the slowdown has happened.

What’s worse, Cisco and Ericsson have uncovered from studies that the better an application on the network works, the more they use it. So, if Netflix keeps working for your neighbor down the street, he will continue to happily gobble up gigabyte after gigabyte streaming his favorite shows.

With 4G users expected to triple from 2015-2020, this slow down will get even worse. It’s reaching a critical breaking point. Plus, not only will more users be on the network, new gadgets like virtual reality, driverless cars, internet-of-things and others require more data to run efficiently.

Facebook purchased Oculus for $2 billion dollars to become a pioneer in virtual reality. They desperately need 5G to make a viable product.

The reason for the rush is latency. Latency is essentially how long it takes for a device to send and receive data on the network.

Right now, IOT consumes too much data for the 4G network, according to Business Insider. That’s why IOT businesses are waiting with bated breath for 5G because it’s 100X faster.

To give you an idea of the speed…

By the end of this short presentation, you will:

On 3G, it would take 26 hours

On 4G, six minutes


CNBC says 5G “will change how you use the internet drastically”.

AT&T put out this statement: “New experiences like virtual reality, self-driving cars, robotics, smart cities and more are about to test networks like never before. These technologies will be immersive, pervasive and responsive to customers. 5G will help make them a reality. 5G will reach its full potential because we will build it on a software-centric architecture that can adapt quickly to new demands and give customers more control of their network services.”

With companies spending $5 trillion on IOT alone in the next five years, you can bet Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Facebook want a piece of the pie.

I already shared with you some of the
things you can do with 5G:

Driverless cars will be able to interact with each other on the road.

Doctors will have the ability to perform surgeries from across the world using virtual reality.

Over 50 billion IOT devices will interact and share data which allows manufacturers to produce prototypes and full blown products without a human.

You can have all your health data sent instantly to your doctor when you walk into their office… No more dropping off X-rays or paperwork.

Smart cities utilizing 5G can better manage public transportation, how utilities are distributed and reused, even simply managing car traffic flow.

Everything will be connected to the network at all times. 24/7. 365 days.

No longer will there will dead zones where signals can’t reach.

Yes! None of those annoying dead zones we all hit.

This long metal pole—called a 5G antenna—is the answer. I mentioned you’d see more and more of these popping up around your neighborhood in the next 12 months.

It’s because 5G waves cannot travel as far or as agile as other signals.

3G and 4G signals can travel greater distances and move around objects like buildings and trees. On the downside, they can’t carry as much data.

To give you an idea, 3G and 4G can travel around 300mHz frequencies. 5G requires 30gHz. That’s 100X more.

Since 5G carries more data but can’t travel as far, it needs more transmission points. That’s where these antennas come into play. As you’re walking down the street, your phone is requesting 5G data from the nearest antenna. Your data request then pings along each sensor like a pinball machine at the speed of light.

The more of these in a city, the more data can be handled by the network.

That’s why I said at the beginning, you’ll probably want one of these in your frontyard to get the maximum speed.

So, where does this cube come into play? It’s quite simple.

In every single device that runs 5G… and all 5 tech giants are working on adapting products or their platform to the technology… will require this cube to communicate with these metal poles.

Why this cube instead of the pole?

With an estimated 75 billion devices about to be unleashed on 5G—that’s more than 10 per person on the planet—that’s 75 billion chips needing to communicate. If it costs a company $40 to manufacture a chip—that’s over $3 trillion dollars. If they sell it for a 400% markup or $150 which is relatively standard…that’s $12 trillion dollars in revenues.

And that’s just for this one small cube. Entire devices need to be re-made. New products in virtual reality and IOT need to be revamped.

Not to mention, these stinkin’ metal poles I keep showing you. Compared to the 75 billion chips we need, we will an estimated 300,000 of 5G antennas according to CBS News.

I’m all for that, and I’m sure you are too. Here’s the point…

These 75 billion cubes have only just begun being made. No one is paying attention to this hidden Goliath in the marketplace. It’s not super sexy nor too exciting to read about. But, as I learned after making $800,000 in just one year of trading, everything you trade can’t be sexy.

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You could try and invest in a few mainstream companies like Qualcomm and Nvidia. But, I believe the lionshare of those gains have dried up. After all, Qualcomm is up 2,521% since it took off during 3G. And Nvidia has exploded 3,307% since the dawn of 4G.

It’s time for another company to take the reins, and I believe they absolutely could. They’ve recently opened an entire branch of their company to build 5G, and only 5G products. They’ve hired executives to tackle this issue.

And the risk is bottom-of-the-barrel.

See, this company isn’t a startup. They’re a $10+ billion dollar company. They’ve seen double-digit topline growth the past few years. That already signals a strong buy.

Their CEO has been on television, including chatting many times with Jim Cramer on Mad Money, about their 5G innovations. This company is for real.

But remember—the cubes for your phone are only at the beginning of their production cycle. That means this company could easily be at the front of the pack. Meaning, their growth could go from double to triple in a heartbeat.

Their profits hover under 45%. Their cash flow increased 5X in a mere four years.

On top of that, they’ve been buying back shares five years in a row. They were even doing that before Trump’s tax cuts.

Companies only buyback shares when they are fully confident their stock price is about to explode.

Forbes calls this stock a “good value”. And I agree. Within the next year, I expect it’ll quadruple and hand early investors a tidy fortune.

Companies only buyback shares when they are fully confident their stock price is about to explode.

In the past, they’ve had clients including Samsung and even two in our tech race—Apple and Google. They also recently nabbed a deal with Huawei, a Chinese company BGR says could “overshadow the US” on the technology front.

You might wonder why all these deals are on the table?

Because this 5G innovative company produces this cube. And the backorders are already piling up and about to be unleashed into the next year.

By investing in this company right now—and it’s important you invest right now before any of our top 5 tech companies releases 5G news—you are setting yourself up for perhaps the easiest quadruple of your money in your life.

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5G Tech Race Fortunes. Inside I’ll:

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My goal is to rush this report to your inbox as fast as possible. This $12 trillion dollar opportunity is one you’ll regret to miss. And the tech race for 5G is actually only one of the races going on.

Forbes claims a “global race” is already starting between countries including the United States and China.

Techradar reports South Korea could be the first country to deploy 5G. That’s backed and verified by the South Korean government.

At the same time, China has quietly invested heavily in 5G. Deloitte says they’ve built about 350,000 cell sites already. The U.S. has only built 30,000,

Basically, whichever country is first could lead the world.

It’s no wonder then the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the FBI believe using certain Chinese phone makers could open you to hacking.

The Trump Administration has been in talks to start a potential ‘mobile war’ with China to beat them to be first-mover. We’ve heard about trade wars, this is a whole new war in itself.

In Europe, the European Commission estimates that IOT connections alone could hit 6 billion by 2020. That would lead to over $1.2 trillion in revenue. Europe is lagging behind the US and China in getting to 5G first, but that’s okay. There is trillions to be made in Europe.

Other countries, like Singapore, who rely heavily on 4G have been aggressively expanding their 5G capabilities, and they actually have a pilot program in the works.

Point is this 5G race has stretched even beyond the top five tech companies. This is a global phenomenon unfolding as we speak.

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You also heard from Thien who made $15,020 on one trade. Another reader, Jack, banked $22,000 on one trade. Adriano Siciliano went from $8,400 to $27,500.

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The time to invest is right now in the 5G tech race.

Apple is planning to launch their first 5G product next year

Google needs 5G for its devices and IOT

Facebook has made strategic acquisitions and needs 5G for their virtual reality investments

Amazon is tying the knot with a large telecom company for streaming rights, and

Microsoft plans to have 5G capabilities in their laptops starting next year

Once these products are announced and then released, the window to invest will slam shut for good.

You’ll have to wait until 2029 for the next generation to release. Even then, there are no guarantees.

I’ll keep tabs on this 5G explosion, you watch the profits roll in.

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