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Featuring Millionaire Trader,
Kyle Dennis


“I’ve taken 12K to 21K in 2 weeks!”

I have to thank Kyle and Peter! You guys do such a great job and I’ve learned so much from both of you.

– Raymond

“I’d like to thank TNDM and Kyle for paying off my mortgage"

Got in at $2.66, trimmed 50% at $3.79, let the rest ride to $45.97. My point is that the education and common sense that you have has made trading a lot easier for me. It let me sleep easily for the last 6 months. This would have been a different trade without your advice.

– Roger

“Your educational videos are a real blessing!”

I was an o.k. trader when I joined. Now after about 60 or so videos I’m seeing the things I should before you even mention them. Talk about a confidence builder. Joining was a very good decision.

– Melissa

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